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Try MAGTAB's new content design platform and transform your readers into followers.

Pro Marketing

For professionals that have expertise with digital content creation and are looking to get a better tool to create better content and publish in the WEB and in your own Native Mobile Applications.



And more:

  • Content Design WEB Editor
  • Add pictures, videos, links, Podcasts
  • Design and publish Articles
  • Design Magazine blogs
  • Design Micro Sites
  • Manage your subscribers
  • Landing Page with leads collection
  • Notification Center to manage emails
  • Share your content anywhere on the WEB, Social Networks, E-MKT
  • Editorial Article format
  • Optimize for Smartphone reading
  • Blog in magazine format
  • Views count report
  • Advanced SEO with AMP Stories

Publishers & Agencies

For Editors and Agencies that sell content production at its core and need advance features to get and manage new readers and costumers and get a leap in front of your competition.

  • All PRO features and more:
  • PDF issues support
  • Multipage Articles, allowing:
    – Digital Magazine creation
    – Interactive Catalogs
    – Offer Handbook and similar
    – Interactive Presentations
    – Digital Rich Books
  • Native iOS APP *
  • Native Android APP *

* Requires development account with both Apple and Google’s stores;
* App’s approval is not guaranteed.

  • All PRO features and more:
  • Manage restrict access to confidential or selected content
  • Sell individual articles in your App
  • Sell subscriptions in your App

Technology is not your main business,
let us guide you to great reading experiences.

  • Online Support

    We work with maximum care so your experience using our service will always be a breeze. But if you get stuck our team is always on to help and guide you as fast as possible.

  • Secure content

    We host your content in the premium Amazon Cloud service, so it will always be available with maximum security.

  • 30 days free trial

    If you still not sure about us or our offer, you can still try it for free for 30 days in the STARTER plan. Create, publish and share your ideas and see what we are talking about.

  • Business partners

    We are looking for business partners. If you work with digital marketing, inbound marketing or selling digital content get in touch and lets talk!

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