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Advanced Google Analytics Configuration - Mobile Custom Dimensions

Advanced Google Analytics Configuration – Mobile Custom Dimensions

Note: This apply only for the Mobile Apps tracking, is does not work with the WEB Reader.

On this advanced configuration we will guide you create your Custom Dimension that will offer more readable data for more complex reports.

It is through Custom Dimension that it will be possible to identify, for example, which issue was the most viewed or what a single user was reading (using advertising ID) among several other cases.

To start, after the basic setup (if you haven’t done it yet, it is available here), on the same page you see your Tracking ID (in Admin, go to your App) you will see the option “Custom Definitions” or its sub-item “Custom Dimensions”.

You will now create New Custom Dimension (click the button). It’s very important to follow the order and the used names, otherwise the App will report wrong values leading to inconsistency.

Each new dimension has 3 fields, Name, Scope and Active. Follow the table below and create all custom dimensions in the right order.

Dimensions Table

Reference Image

Configuring your Tracking ID in MAGTAB’s platform

After finishing the dimensions setup, make sure your Tracking-ID is correctly saved in MAGTAB’s platform. You will find more detailed info on how to do that in this tutorial.


Advance Reporting with Custom Dimensions

You can create several combinations using the Custom Dimensions. To begin, go to “Behaviour” option in the left side menu then go to Events and Main Events.
In this screen you will see a events table. Click in Secundary Dimensions and look for the Custom Dimension sub-item to filter by any of the new dimensions you created.

We hope this guide was useful to you and if you need further assistance don’t hesitate in reaching us in the email sac@magtab.com

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