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Privacy Policy

Our policy for privacy is simple and straight forward, personal information is personal, and any data provided to us is treated with utter responsibility

For app users

We offer features in the apps to register to access especific contents, for example subscriptions, or partly share its contents via social media

Those provided information are confidential and kept with necessery security, and we will never shared it with third parties.

Some information will, however, be available to our customers anonimously , for example at access reports.

Some data regarding the use of the app are collected anonimously, and will be made available for our clients through stats.

Registers via Facebook system of “login” will follow Facebook privacy guidelines. We only collect info authorized by the user. We do not record passwords. And any recorded data will follow the policy aforementioned.

To customers whom use the MAGTAB platform to distribute theirs contents:

Any provided information at register are for, exclusive, use of Magtab. We will not share any information outside the platform.

Credentials to access and deliver apps at AppStore and GooglePlay provided by our customes will be stored at our database* so we may publish and update the apps.

*Our database is protected and the information stored are cryptographer.

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